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FX (Fair Share) Scheduler, Cheat Sheet

 The Solaris 10 and 11 Fair Share Scheduler allow to run processes at a higher priority than normal processes and still lower than system processes.

This feature is quite helpful when giving demos if systems under extreme stress. It helps to give user interfaces a slightly higher priority which keeps them snappy.

The priocntl command allows to change the process scheduling classes and priorities. 

The next three commands allow to bump up visualization tools like xorg, jconsole or jvisualvm:

priocntl -s -c FX -m 60 -p 60 -i pid `pgrep Xorg`
priocntl -s -c FX -m 60 -p 60 -i pid `pgrep jconsole`
priocntl -s -c FX -m 60 -p 60 -i pid `pgrep jvisualvm`

It moves the processes in question to priority 60.

Disclaimer: Is very unlikely that this needs to be done on productive systems. Apply on demo systems with care...

book | by Dr. Radut