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Solaris, Servers and Compiler End of Life (EOL)

Spring is ahead. The Sun is shining. Time for your Solaris build "Spring Cleaning"!

You build products with Solaris and you plan to adopt Oracle's new technologies. You can't keep everything in your lab and you need place for the new stuff.

The following two documents discuss the last phase in the software life cycle: "The End Of Life" of the Oracle Solaris components.

Oracle Solaris Studio Component Matrix:

  • Which compiler works with which tool?
  • Which compiler versions are still supported
  • When did a compiler start shipping?
  • What was the last order date for a given compiler?

Support Coverage for Hardware (and Solaris...)

  • Which server has been last shipped when?
  • When ends hardware support for which server?
  • Which Solaris version started shipping when?
  • When ends premium support for which Solaris version?
  • When ends extended support for which Solaris version?

The tabular information is a great help to make the right descision on when to switch off some old make, QA and test systems.

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