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SMF Manifests for Solaris Applications

The Solaris Management Facility requires manifests to take applications under its control as a service.

This is a list of known and publicly available SMF manifests for Solaris applications:

Vendor/Project Application Comment
Apache CouchDB  
bauhaus/eclipse Jetty  
EMC Legato Networker  
Hyperic Hyperic Agent  
  Tivoli (storage manager client)  
  Websphere Application Server 6.1  
Lighttpd Lighttpd  
Mongrel (web server) Mongrel cluster  
Nagios Nagios  
nginx (web server) nginx  
OCLC EZproxy  
Oracle Virtualbox (headless)  

Database 11g on x86

Database in general

Excellent white paper including RBAC and projects integration for Solaris x86
Perforce Perforce  
Pootle Pootle Postfix  
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL  
Rails/Mongrel Cluster Rails/mongrel_cluster Published by Joyent
Redhat JBOSS Application Server  
SAP ERP 6.0 SAP Community Network
  Sybase ASE  
Splunk Splunk 3.x squid (proxy)  
Subversion Subversion   
Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation  
Talend Talend Integration Suite  
Traffix Traffix  
Others TCP tuning manifest Tunes the fairly conservative TCP parameters from Solaris 10

Other Resources

Do you happen to know more SMF manifest? Please leave a comment. I''ll be glad  to add them.

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