BOM: Bill of Material (Hardware)

WIP: Work in progress: I'm rebuilding the demo setup. I'm documenting while I'm rebuilding. Revisit this page by the end of March 2023 for a complete document

All measurements in metric units!

Id Number Item Comment
1 4 Plywood 250x350mm (Bottom, Middle board, Upper board, cover of case, 6mm thick beech is very robust. The upper board has to carry quite some load
2 1 Plywood 70x40mm,6mm thick, raiser for the burners Use the leftover from the cut out of the middle board
3 8 wood screws, 3mm x 15mm to fasten the three boards
4 2 Plywood 238mmx110mmx6mm the sides of the cover box
5 2 Plywood 350mmx110mmx6mm the other sides of the cover box
6 1 HB12: Big Powerstation the Stirling engine. Pick self assembly. The two cylinder model is more robust against wind from the side. The flame may not generate enough heat for the HB10 or HB11 in windy trade show halls.
7 1 Raspberry 4 Model B 8GB starte kit The
8 1 Case for DIN rail mount GeekPi sells an enclosure for rail mounting
9 1 Rail for case  (DIN TS35) The rail will need to be shortened
10 1 TRCT500 IR sensor Pack of 3.
11 7 Round head M4 screws 10 or 12mm
  • 2 Raspberry Rail
  • 2 IO Cover
  • 2 HB 12
  • 1 IR sensor enclosure 
12 5 M4 screw nuts
  • 2 Raspberry Rail
  • 2 IO Cover
  • 1 IR sensor enclosure 
13 1 Kit of jumper cables Female-Female ones are required. Lengths required vary in between 10cm and 30cm
14 1 kit, flat band cables to reach the physical location of the Raspberry optical camera
15 1 Raspberry Camera Module 3 Wide wide angle is important here. The autofocus is very helpful. An earlier camera will work as well. They have however a fixed focus which needs to be broken to just for the focus at ~12cm
16 1 MLX90640 Infrared camera, 55 degrees, with sockets to plugs. Soldering required for models without a plug...
17 1 plug fo MLX90640 This plug allows to connect the infrared camera to regular breadboard cables

Disclaimer: This list looks very concise. This is the third revision of the demonstration. The components are known to work. Most components can be replaced by different ones. There are lots of degrees of freedom...