Raspberry IO Wiring

WIP: Work in progress: I'm rebuilding the demo setup. I'm documenting it, while I'm rebuilding. Revisit this page by the end of March 2023 for a complete document

The cable colors are arbitrary. Pick which ever color you want to pick!

Pin GPIO Id Cable Color Connected device Comment
1 3.3V Red 30cm MLX90460 Power Power
2 +5V Orange 30cm TCRT5000 Power Power
3 SDA Blue 30cm MLX90460  
4 +5V Red Raspberry fan Raspberry Cooling
5 SCL Yellow 30cm MLX90460  
6 GND Black Raspberry fan Raspberry Cooling
7 4 Red 30cm TCRT5000 Binary
8 24      
9 GND Brown 30cm TCRT5000 Ground
14 GND Broen 30cm MLX90460 Ground