SAP Notes related to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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SAP Notes
SAP Note Title last known update Comment
500235 Network Diagnosis with NIPING April 08, 2014 Checking latencies in between AWS Als...
560499 Customer Interaction Center: Hotline Numbers & E-mail Addresses June 12, 2017 How to open SAP tickets...
1380654 SAP support in public cloud environments Dec. 6, 2012 Provides a general introduction to cloud and cloud service categories. Lists AWS as only supported IAAS provider (as of Apr. 9, 2014)
1588667 SAP on AWS: Overview of related SAP Notes and Web-Links July 30, 2015 How to pick the right Linux AMIs
1618572 Linux: Support Statement for RHEL on Amazon Web Services Jan. 10, 2014  
1618590 Support: Oracle database on Amazon Web Services Jan. 10, 2014 Oracle support for productive and non productive SAP systems on AWS platform
1656099 SAP Applications on AWS: Supported DB/OS and AWS EC2 products June 17, 2016 Supported EC2 instances, databases, SAP products
1656250 SAP on AWS: Support prerequisites Aug. 7, 2014 Explains license requirements, support contracts required, AWS specific data collector required .
1697114 Determining hardware ID in Amazon clouds Mar. 26, 2012  
1758890 SAP HANA: Information needed by Product/ Development Support June 20, 2014 Information needed to open an incident at SAP
1788665 SAP HANA Support for virtualized / partitioned (multi-tenant) environments May 5, 2015  
1798212 Support for SAP HANA One Dec. 12, 2012  Explains special peer community support mode for this product 
1838364 Performance and CPU Affinity Mar. 10, 2014  Explains how to map CPUs for best performance
1964437 SAP HANA on AWS: Supported AWS EC2 products Jun. 17, 2016  This note is basically retired. It points to the SAP HANA Hardware Directory
2058870 SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA on public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms Aug. 26, 2014  Explains that B1 is supported on AWS EC2
2198693 Key Monitoring Metrics for SAP on Amazon Web Services (AWS) July 29, 2015 Details the AWS specific metrics gathered for EC2 systems running SAP


SAP Host Agent Patches specific to Linux Jan., 19, 2018 Documents the SAP host agent which had a problem without AWS data provider


EIM Applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) March, 3rd, 2016 DS, Data Services Support


Supported scenarios with NEC Expresscluster on Amazon Web Services August, 24th, 2016  


SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension auf AWS June, 29th, 2016 All AWS specific information to setup a SUSE HAE Cluster for HANA  


Oracle Database Support for Amazon Web Services EC2 Aug., 23th, 2016 All AWS specific information to setup Oracle RDBMS on Oracle Linux  


Error getting the hardware key on Amazon AWS server March 29, 2017 .  


SAP GUI Terminal Virtualization with Amazon AppStream 2.0 June first, 2018 .  


AWS File Systems EFS and FSx for SAP Solutions March 2019 .  

HANA Sizing, Limits, Operations and Patches

SAP Notes
SAP Note Title last known update Comment
  SAP Quicksizer    
1514966 General HANA Sizing May 7, 2014 General HANA Sizing
2382421 Optimizing the Network Configuration on HANA- and OS-Level September 12, 2017 HANA Tuning
1514967 SAP HANA: Central Note Jan 22, 2016 Recommendation for 10GB interface etc.
1651055 Scheduling SAP HANA Database Backups in Linux Nov. 27, 2014  
1736976 Sizing Report for BW on HANA May 5, 2014 The note details the requirements for existing SAP BW users who want to migrate to HANA
1781986 Business Suite on SAP HANA Scale Out Dec. 12, 2013 .
1793345 Sizing for SAP Suite on HANA Apr. 7, 2015 .
1825774 SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA - Multi Node Support Feb. 27, 2014 .
1840954 Alerts related to HANA memory consumption Feb 12, 2014 .
1872170 Suite on HANA Memory Sizing Report June 6, 2013 Determine your memory space requirements on a HANA system
1963779 HANA row store limits Aug. 14, 2014 Maximum limits depending on service pack
1984422 SAP HANA: Analysis of Out-of-memory (OOM) Dumps May 5, 2015 .
2057595 FAQ: SAP HANA High Availability January 2nd, 2017 .
2001528 Linux: SAP HANA Database SPS 08 revision 80 (or higher) on RHEL 6 or SLES 11 July 6, 2014 Details the glib C++ package update which is required
2205917 SAP HANA DB: Recommended OS settings for SLES 12 / SLES for SAP Applications 12 May 5, 2016 .
2235581 SAP HANA: Supported Operating Systems Oct. 23, 2017 .
2205917 SAP HANA DB: Recommended OS settings for SLES 12 / SLES for SAP Applications 12 May 5, 2016 .
2455582 Linux: Running SAP applications compiled with GCC 6.x Apr. 4, 2018 .


General Purpose SAP Notes

SAP Notes
SAP Note Title last known update Comment
212876 SAPCAR, The SAP archiving tools April 4, 2011 The note explains where to find the tool which allows to decompress all SAP downloads
1275776 Linux: Preparing SLES for SAP environments Nov. 26, 2013 All SLES related system settings
1825774 SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA - Multi-Node Support Feb. 28, 2013 The note explains the support status of scale out configurations for SAP HANA Business Suite Solutions