Register a Subscription in SLES ( and keep AWS CLI working!)

SLES 12 & 15

Use this command to register your system at SUSE.

# SUSEConnect -r <YourActivationCode> -e <YourEmailAddress>

More details can be found in the SUSE documentation.

SUSE BYOS AMIs on AWS do not tend to update their cloud module. Execute the following commands as super user to get this done:


# SUSEConnect --list-extensions
# SUSEConnect -p sle-module-public-cloud/12/x86_64


# SUSEConnect --list-extensions
# SUSEConnect -p sle-module-public-cloud/15/x86_64

The AWS CLI is an important part of this module. Updating it will allow you to use the latest services and new regions. Don't forget updating your packages with

# zypper update

The AWS CLI will not work by default on SLES 15! The required patch for boto will only be installed if this repository is configured.

See SUSE support document 7023686.